Madeleine and Rolland Conte Foundation

  • Madeleine and I have no descendants direct, we had planned to create a foundation leading to promote the Homoeopathie (analog medicine according to Hahnemann).
  • This is a modest Foundation therefore to extend the action of the Private Academy of sciences in search of the production of new drugs this Foundation welcomes with great pleasure the donations private.
  • we also accept credits from research Government.
  • the legal aspect are the responsibility of the cabinet Quimbel
    (, 29 Grande Rue, 78550 Houdan, 01 30 88 11 49)
  • accounting financial management aspects are the responsibility of the cabinet BRA
    (5 r Paris 78550 HOUDAN ,
  • the notary in charge of all our activities is master Tardy
    (, 33 r Enclos 78550 HOUDAN ,0130468181 )