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Beta Laboratory – Appendices

Table 1: Chemical analysis of various water


Table 2: Equipment used.

  • Apparatus used: liquid scintillator standard TRI-CARB 3170 TR \ SSL of Perkin Elmer (ex Packard Instruments)
  • Scintillating liquid: Ultima Gold LLT
  • Volume scintillating /volume sample: 10 ml/10 ml
  • Time of counting: 120 mn
  • Energy/channel: 500 eV

Table 3: Example of germination of beans


Table 4: Specificity of the beta activity of the water of Doors not pulp NB (analyzes differential multivariate)

graf1This multivariate analysis or not shows the behavior very different from the water of Doors not pulp (NB) compared to other water pulps (the numerical values in red 0.5,2,5, etc are the values of energy in KeV). On the other hand this observation on the CPM does not give the reason of it. Whereas the analysis of Lagrangian of the Action shows it clearly.