Centre international de médecine homoéopathique

  • Analysis of the betas of the main international sources of production of drugs Homoeopathiques (Boiron in France, Lehning, Weleda,…)
  • Collects Spectra betas of healthy people and patients from the Hospital of Houdan
  • Analysis of sampling blood and urine of healthy and sick at the Bergerie de Rambouillet
  • Software development of determination of treatment and monitoring of its effect in the fields of human medicine or veterinary
  • Development of health card (magnetic card): Beta spectrum of the person in good health, or similar basal metabolism
  • Development of health card (magnetic card): Beta spectrum of selected animals
  • Conduct of experiments on the efficiency of the Homoéopatchs in the treatment of orphan diseases, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, with hospital de Houdan, and others, la bergerie de Rambouillet…
  • Filing of patents.