“What is really great and inspired was carried out by individuals working freely”

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Why open this Site?

To find a partner at the international level interested in the development of analog medicine.

Approach to medicine in the 21st century
Rolland Conte


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1. Introduction.

To this day modern medicine is considered an Art and the homoéopathie which is over 200 years as an alternative medicine.

The establishment of a theory (and its experimental verification) shows that the analysis of the spectrum of beta radiation from electrons between zero and a maximum of 100 KeV, highlights well the pathological States of the subjects studied and their State of health. Thus the simple analysis of these Spectra comparing spectra of healthy people to generate computer spectrum of Homoeopathic products required to correct the effects of the disease.

Thus the practitioner may exercise his diagnosis normally from the Materia Medica and that the results of the calculation corresponds to his diagnosis.

He can even simulate a selected product in-vitro interaction interacting either with a mini drop of blood or urine.

The patient may be equipped with a magnetic card containing in addition to its general characteristic spectrum of his organization in the State of good health and homoéopathiques treatments could receive.

The projects that we are entitled “Houdan hospital” and “la bergerie de Rambouillet” have not been submitted to these agencies. They are for illustration only.

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2.What we are looking for.

A private organization or State which would take the programs dependent and develop the software, and products, including the mini beta counter for practitioners.

This organization would be the only one with which the Academy have an exclusive relationship for the areas presented in this site.

If a proposal coming before December 15 the response will be made before end of January 2012 .

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3. Why Private Academy of Sciences, not the academy of homeopathy ?

That’s the question I was asked by an old friend, and I realize that in all the website I had never explained why.

In fact there are two huge areas in which life takes place of man. The economy and health any of these areas is based on a theory1 in the age of iPod and iPad. Health, medicine is an art: there is no salvation outside of the molecule (In the United States more than 1 million deaths annually from medication side effects. Third leading cause of death in the United States). To boost economic growth (even by debt) is the arguments of all politicians: over 25% unemployment in Spain or Greece.

On Sunday, November 13, 2011 I sent to the WTO the following message:

WTO and “bankruptcy” of the Country !

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rolland Conte

Given the virtual bankruptcy of many states how the WTO can it work?
How to organize the world trade without a solid basis of calculating the exchange rate between these countries?
The new economic theory published in 1993 brought an answer to this question. This book also provides a clear definition of value.
No government has considered these two factors to the greatest misfortune of the people. Political economy does not exist (NEP) any more than the new green economy.
There is only one economic development underpinned by a dynamic system converge as shown in the new economy theory. This is what might be called the law of the market that is to say, totally independent of men.
In democracies people’s vote does not exist, the playground of a single party, hereditary transmission of power, the fruits of growth are first distributed to party members and the military. In other countries “undemocratic” practices do not exist.


How the WTO can calculate the exchange rates between nations to ensure a fair trade?
She uses the intrinsic exchange rate of the new economy theory?
I suggest you visit the website www.theoretical-economy.com , thanks.

Similarly I asked WHO:
Malaria and homeopathy
Why continue to ignore the power of homeopathy?
Why do evil people?
Ignorance, complacency, incompetence?

Malaria kills nearly 3000 children every day.

90% of malaria deaths occur in Africa.

It is estimated that a total of malaria cost Africa each year to about $ 12 billion in lost revenue in terms of GDP, which would slow growth to at least 1.3% per year.
We believe the operating budget of laboratories comprising ten people (biophysicist, mathematician, computer scientist) to about 1.5 million dollars a year. In two or three years the team has established manufacturing protocol necessary investments, very modest in terms of equipment, planning and implementation of manufacturing units. Can be estimated at one dollar per year per capita cost of treatment, about 10% of the shortfall. That’s a good way to help Africa and saving 3000 babies a day. This program is the only plausible by a homeopathic treatment of the disease.

Indeed the evidence tells us:
I am an ethnologist and stayed several years in Niger for my research. In this context, I use since 1998 for the prevention of 3 the MALARIA NOSODE D200, manufactured in Germany Stauffen. I have never contracted malaria so far and I have very good experiences with friends and colleagues from Niger. I know many such people who had frequent access and did they take more from this preparation. The recommended dose for prevention is 2 x 10 5 drops or granules at 5 minute intervals on an empty stomach in the morning, every three months. For a curative effect: the same dose every hour or every 30 minutes. A friend who had a Tuareg “malaria annually,” the rainy season, was able to access treatment within 24 hours and no longer made and since it takes into prevention.

Given the seriousness of this disease and the absence of a preventive medication non-toxic and inexpensive – especially for a preventive long-term – it would be very interesting to learn more. I found that the D200 Nosode Malaria was unknown in France. Do you know this or are you preparing further experiments with homeopathic prevention against malaria? Is it possible to “test” this preparation as part of a project, for example? I work with a local NGO that supports sustainable development programs among the Tuareg of northern Niger and would be very interested in the dissemination of homeopathic care

De www.homeopathesdumonde.org

Voir aussi www.www.acadprivsciences.fr


Well with our mathematical statistics and theory contonienne ethers we have formulated a theory for each of these areas. Our predictions for the economy in 1993 are largely confirmed today. But this whole political world is not ready to accept a near zero growth and that growth is not subject to human desire. By cons given the impact of medicine developed by Hahnemann in the world (about 30% of those treated by homeopathy) it seemed to us easier to present an approach based on the theory is called “medical analogy”.

  1. The skills of our academy is on the economy and the treatment of diseases with the tools of our own, and I must say shunned by everyone. That’s why you have used the opportunity of the Internet to transmit our knowledge to new generations. This dual expertise has led us to choose “Science” to characterize our work.
  2. This put in “quarantine” of our work does not cause us not to respond to proposals that could make some of the institutions who have shunned.
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Key Figures2

  1. In science, a theory is a model or framework for understanding the nature and the human. In physics, the term generally refers to the theory of mathematical support, derived from a small set of basic principles and equations, to produce forecasts for an experimental class of physical systems. For a theory to be considered part of established knowledge, it is usually necessary that it produces a critical experiment, that is to say an experimental result that was predicted by no other established theory.
  2. Go to: http://web.worldbank.org/
  3. Malaria, is one of the most frequent and dangerous tropical parasitic diseases. The pathogen of the disease is transmitted by the bite of Anopheles mosquitoes. In all, there are four pathogens of malaria, causing four different forms of disease, falciparum malaria is the most dangerous form. If a fever or severe flu-like symptoms occur after a trip tropical or subtropical, suspect malaria until proven otherwise. With 90% of deaths , Africa is the continent most affected by malaria. A range of drugs are available against malaria. Unfortunately, some of these products have become ineffective due to resistance. Prevention plays a major role.